Top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is one of the deluxe cities where there are several places to visit especially on weekends and even on normal days. It is a union territory of two states Punjab and Haryana as this share borders with both of these states. Also, being an alluring city there are many reputes schools, universities, parks, museums and shopping malls that attracts everyone whether the person belongs to the same city or the other. Every year number of tourists visit Chandigarh to be amused by its charm. 

Following are Top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh that one has to visit.

  • Rock Garden

Rock Garden is one of the interesting destinations to be visited by anyone and everyone as this has a lot of innovative and creative things that are made of waste products. It has several sculptures, inter-linked waterfalls and also a very beautiful Doll-Museum. This is an appropriate place where one can spend time with family, friends and even alone as there is a lot to explore. Timings are from 9AM to 7PM and ticket price are 30/- per person (Adults) and 10/- per person (Children).

  • Sukhna Lake

This is one of the popular attraction places for the tourists as one can have a full day picnic over there as there are self-paddle boats and a huge space for walk with ambience. The experiences become so mesmerizing due to chirping voices of migratory birds and the plants & trees that just enhance the purity of the aura. Morning and evening walks are the best also, the amenities over there such as washrooms are clean and hygienic.

  • ISKCON Temple

Temple was established in 1966 and is situated in Sector-36B where anyone can visit to enjoy the peace spread over here due to enchanting of Hare Krishna. Temple is clean, safe and has specific Darshan Timings that are 04:30 AM to 05:00AM, 07:15AM to 12:45PM, 04:15PM to 08:30PM. One can have the great learning of Bhagwat Gita and comfort minds in the spiritual crowd.

  • Chandigarh Bird-Park 

This is a newly developed destination for the conservation of birds and it was initiated on 16 November 2021. This has huge space for every single bird along with the 58 feet height so that birds could freely fly and is spread across 200*150 feet of area. This is designed to provide the best habitat, food and asylum. One can visit the place and learn how birds need to be treated and protected in this environment. This can be learning experience for the visitors that will enhance their knowledge also.

  • Elante Mall

Elante mall in the largest mall in Chandigarh as it has many popular brands for clothing, shoes and accessories. This is one of the most popular among Top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh to be visited as this has everything liking one floor dedicated to the food stuff, another one is for shopping and a huge section for gaming. There is a toy section for kids and a large parking area underground along with the endless facilities and one can spend whole over there like for eating, shopping, gaming ang exploring.

  • Rose Garden

Rose Garden is located in sector-16 Chandigarh and is a blooming exhibit that disport 825 varieties of flowers and 32,500 types of trees and medicinal shrubs. It spread over 30 acres of area and this is the best place for the rose lovers also, to enjoy the best experience suitable moths are February and march. One can enjoy the visit with the fragrance of different roses along with the clean and health environment. Also, there are food-stalls available over there that makes it more facilitating.

  • Sector 17 Market

This is market of big brand stores, international brand stores, eateries and food-stuff. This is suitable for both adults and youngsters as there are lot of things available for them over there. The brand stores are expensive but has the astonishing variety that can gather everyone’s attention and one can also buy the traditional stuff as there are stores available over there for the same. The space is big enough to explore and is a Pedestrian’s Paradise for the shopaholics.

  • Fun-City

The most exciting place to be visited by children, adults, couples, friends and family. As suggested by the name one can have a lot of over here a whole day as this has water-park and a separate for the rides. Charges for waterpark are 1070/- per person and for both waterpark & rides section are 1090/-. So, it is better to choose the combined offer as just paying 20/- per person extra one can enjoy both things.

  • Butterfly-Park

This is located in Sector-26 of Chandigarh and a knowledgeable place for kids as it has enough number trees and plants. This can enhance the knowledge as one can tend to see everything practically along with that one can relax or read books over there and enjoy the surroundings. Interesting Place for the families to be visited along with the option to walk with ambience and hygiene. Also, one can choose it as a picnic spot to spend weekends with their families.

  • Timber Trail

Timber Trail is one of the beautiful spots for the picnics and is very refreshing. The rope way between the mountains is very safe, beautiful and well maintained that charges 1200/- per person with a validation of 2 hours. The place is best for the nature lovers as there are trees and beautiful plants over there along with the Tea/Coffee point and hotels where one can stay or enjoy the meals with friends or family. Also, there is gaming section and a stadium where one can play cricket, badminton, basket-ball and many more.


To conclude the discussion in regard to Top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh, it can be said that the city is filled with the beautiful places. Every place has its own charm and reasons to be visited one can choose the spot as per their own taste or preference. As few has some time restrictions and entry fees but it is worth to spend money over them as every place will provide different experience, knowledge and information to the visitors. 

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