Tikkar Taal Morni

Tikkar Taal – one of two man made lakes/taals of Morni. There are two large lakes or taals, which seem to be interconnected mysteriously even though they are separated by a hillock, the water level in both the taals always remains the same. Locals consider the lake auspicious and gather here on ceremonial occasions. A small temple on the banks contains a Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity), which dates back to the 12th century AD.

Surrounding forests, serene ambiance, and cool climes of lake Tikkar Taal make it a popular tourist spot in the region, where tourists and locals alike engage in boating and other activities.

Under Comprehensive Plan on Development of Adventure activities in Haryana, the Government of Haryana and Haryana Tourism Corporation is going to launch Paragliding, Paramotor, Hot Air Balloon, Roller Zorbing, Jet Scooters in Tikkar Taal.

Beautiful place to spend a day with family or friends. There are cottages available for night stay. Restaurants are available for meals. A good photogenic place and usually crowded on weekends.


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