Shanti Kunj Garden Chandigarh

Shanti Kunj garden in Chandigarh is situated in a very peaceful place that is away from any noise and pollution. Therefore, it has been rightly named Shanti Kunj. It is located between the Rose Garden and the Cricket Stadium in Sector 16. In the Shanti Kunj park, you can find different varieties of plants and trees like vertical shaped trees, trees that provide shade, trees apt for the environment, and flowering trees.

Also, the Shanti Kunj garden contains plenty of medicinal plants that are utilized to cure several diseases. There is a natural stream that runs through this garden that is also responsible for dividing the whole area into five different segments. Each part depicts different kinds of trees such as medicinal plants, vertical shaped trees, flowering trees, trees for shade, and environmentally friendly trees.

It is lined up with a variety of plants and trees, most of which serve medicinal purposes. There is also a water stream that naturally runs through the garden. This park is flocked by joggers and fitness seekers during the early morning and evening hours. In the shades of Shanti Kunj garden, you may spot couples canoodling during noon. Various training programs focusing on national integration, youth empowerment, spiritual awareness, and more happen here occasionally. There is also a small cafeteria on the premises which serves refreshments to the visitors. It is an ideal picnic spot for families as the vast gardens allow kids to play and move freely.

With the beautiful canals of small plants alongside the track, this park is well maintained. You can enjoy a walk on the track, and feel and witness the beauty of flowers beds. It gives a very soothing feeling and you really feel relaxed and enjoy your entire experience.

There is no entrance fee for this place. This place is safe for children to play and roam.


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  • Suraj Rana

    Good place for spending time with flowers and gardens, it is very nice place to hangout.

  • Puspesh Baidya

    This park is very well maintained and has beautiful lawns and you can enjoy walking on the track and feel and witness the beauty of flower beds. It gives a very soothing feeling and you really feel relaxed and enjoy your entire experience.

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