Japanese Garden Chandigarh

Japanese Garden of Chandigarh has been developed at a cost of ₹6 crores by the Indian Government. The garden is designed using Japanese architecture and each of the elements in the garden is given a unique Japanese touch. Spread over an area of 13 acres, the park consists of two phases. Phase-1 of the park was inaugurated by Shivraj Patil on 7 November 2014 and Phase-2 of the park was opened to the public in 2016. Both the phases of the park are connected by an underground tunnel decorated with beautiful Japanese paintings on both sides.

Some Main attractions of Japanese Garden Chandigarh:

  • Pagoda Tower
  • Sculpture of a Japanese couple.
  • A meditation hut
  • A Huge Buddha Idol
  • Huge Crocodiles and Frog sculptures
  • Chapani (A Japanese man)
  • A Giant Dragon sculpture
  • Lanterns and Lamps
  • Japanese Eating Joints and many more…

The Japanese rock garden (Karesansui) or dry landscape garden, often called a Zen garden, creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangments of rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees, and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water.

A Zen garden is usually relatively small, surrounded by a wall, and is usually meant to be seen while seated from a single viewpoint outside the garden. Such as the porch of the HOJO (the residence of the chief monk of the temple or monastery). Classical Zen gardens were created at temples of Zen Buddhism in Kyoto, Japan during the Muromachi period (approximately 1336 to 1573).

They were intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance, but to serve as Buddism and as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life.

If you have not visited the Japanese Garden of Chandigarh yet then you are missing out on something really wonderful. It has been listed as one of the best places to visit in Chandigarh. The good news is that there is no entry fee to this beautiful garden. You’ll even find a good cafeteria along with some other food joints inside the garden premises.

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