Gilbert Trail Kasauli

Gilbert Trail is a little-known short walk offering great natural beauty and serenity. This Trail is a must-visit place for bird watchers and nature lovers. Gilbert Trail owes its splendid beauty to the small narrow path, bordering green landscape, hills at the backdrop, sight, and sound of colorful birds, and scenic environment.

The trail starts past the Kasauli Club and ends at the Air Force Station. It surely is amongst the most visited places for all the nature enthusiasts. Gilbert trail is a beautiful lane of nature where you can have a long walk. The track is located off the main road and stretches to almost 1.5 km. In the beginning, the path is wide enough but gets quite narrow. It provides a fantastic view of the surrounding verdant landscape. The path can be slippery therefore, it is advised to take care while making your way through the trail.

If you trek for around 300 meters more after the Trail ends, you will reach the end of the mountain which has a stunning view to offer. If you are lucky, chances are that you can spot a wild animal while on the trail.

The trail is fit for all age groups. The whole path is clean and walking here would make you feel refreshed. The weather in Kasauli remains pleasant throughout the year and Gilbert Trail can be visited during any season. The best time to visit is during the morning hours. The paths are slippery so you must take caution while you walk but it is not possible to go on a trail at night.

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