Christ Church Kasauli

The Christ Church Kasauli situated close to the bus stand was constructed by the British family who founded the town of Kasauli itself. The church is a magnificent structure built in the shape of a cross. Set amidst a grove of chestnut and fir trees, the church offers a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Earlier the church was known by the name Anglican Church. In the year 1970, the church was brought under the aegis of the CNI (Churches of North India). It is currently managed by the diocese of Amritsar.

The Christ Church is the prime building in the center of the heritage area of Kasauli town and as one enters the main town, this is the first building that comes into view. This church was previously an Anglican church and was founded in the year 1844. As soon as the sun shines, its rays enter through the painted mirrors of the church, which are vivid enough to rejuvenate the tourist. The stained glasses are imported from England when the church was built.

Interesting Facts About the Christ Church

  • It has Gothic architecture and is extremely mysterious to look at because of its superb resemblance with every other Anglican church in England.
  • Surprisingly, the small hill station of Kasauli looks exactly like the British countryside when viewed from the Christ Church’s premises.
  • The church has got a beautiful grotto.
  • The intricate designs and the ornate colored glass set upon the windows make rainbows dance across the ceiling and the pillars of the church at sunrise and sunset which is a magnificent thing to watch.
  • The church choir at the Christ Church is one of the finest choir groups in Himachal Pradesh.

The gray building of the church is ornamented with fantastic mirror work while the green color shack looks dramatic. The simplicity and charm of the building simply take the tourist back to the era when the British were ruling India.

The most thrilling part of the church is its exteriors which are surrounded by a cemetery with graves dating back to the 1850s and earlier. Since it’s a contaminated area, tourists are not allowed to make any noise or speak loudly here. Tourists can enjoy bird watching here or can relish the beautiful landscapes of Kasauli. Stop here awhile amidst the fragrance of pine and wood smoke, and treasure the view of lush green landscapes.


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  • Anuj Saini

    Awesome experience!
    I love the beauty of this place.
    If you are a nature lover or a peace lover then turn your steering towards Kasauli Church.

  • Anmol Anandi

    This church was built in the pre-independence era and is picture-perfect with pine trees all around. The church inside has a very calm n soothing effect. Must visit when in Kasauli.

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