Mall Road Kasauli

The Mall Road Kasauli is one of the major attractions of this town, being as it is the lifeline of Kasauli. It is one of the busiest and liveliest attractions of the town, and tourists make sure to spend at least some time out of their schedule here in order to browse through the shops and purchase the perfect souvenirs.

The main market of Kasauli is also located on Mall road. The place remains crowded during the peak season, from April to June and October to January. The Mall stretches between the Christ Church and the Monkey Point. There are two parts of the Mall Road in Kasauli, including the Upper Mall and the Lower Mall.

The Upper Mall offers a few shops and eateries, but the most attractive factor about it is the beautiful views that it promises. The splendid scenic views and the rolling hills, coupled with a couple of historic monuments make the Upper Mall a must-visit. The Sunset Point, one of the viewpoints on the Upper Mall, is a great place to relax for a bit and take in a beautiful sunset that colors the clouds and the faraway mountains every color of the rainbow.

The Upper Mall is mostly about the beautiful views and a couple of heritage monuments. The Lower Mall, on the other hand, is full of small shops and cafes, perfect to sit down and enjoy a few local dishes and about of serious shopping. Make sure to visit both when in Kasauli.

Mall Road Kasauli is a much-loved tourist spot, with its vibrant markets, lovely little food joints, and several renowned attraction close to it. Unlike all other spots in Kasauli, this place is full of fun and noise as it is packed with a number of big and small shops and eating joints. This is the place where will find the maximum number of tourists and hotels. Here you can shop for beautiful woolen clothes, souvenir items, local artifacts, and a range of other household stuff. Even if you don’t have to buy anything, you come here and just take a stroll on the road to experience the quaint town’s culture.

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  • Hakim Rahim

    The weather is cool Peaceful place
    Best for a nature walk

  • Pardeep Kumar

    This is a much-loved exception to the otherwise quiet Kasauli. For a small town that it is, mall road provides flattering options for shopping and eating out.

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