Gedi Route Sector 10 Chandigarh

Chandigarh  (Azaadi Route) Gedi Route Sector 10 is quite famous. It begins from Sector 8 and ends at Sector 11. All these sectors are wonderful to drive your two-wheelers or four-wheelers and you can understand the best crowd. The Geri route is a set of streets in northern Chandigarh where youth, mostly students, regularly drive cars and motorbikes. The word Gedi means “rounds“, and thus the name derives from the “rounds” that people make through the route.

This street’s name has been updated from Geri Route to Azaadi Route in response to an appeal made by Deeptha Vivekanand as part of the Bekhauf Azaadi (fearless freedom) March that came as an outburst after DJ Varnika Kundu was stalked on an August night 2017.

Local police have maintained a strong presence on Valentine’s Day to prevent eve-teasing and other forms of harassment, as well as traffic violations. The heavy police presence is in part due to documented illegal activities, such as the molestation of women on the route. Police also set up checkpoints and provide other security on Holi.

There are many Restaurants and Dhabas alongside Gedi Route Sector 10. You can eat and enjoy to your heart’s content and a full-fledged market to shop for whatever you may need.

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