Garden Of Silence Chandigarh

The Garden of Silence Chandigarh is a meditative space at the end of Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh, India. It features a seated Buddha. The garden is financed by the Ministry of Tourism and developed by the Chandigarh Administration.

There is a big Buddha idol at the center and besides the stairs where people can sit gathering around. The garden is based on the Lord Gautama Buddha. The garden has a beautiful statue of Budhha doing meditation. Which increases the value of yoga in people. This garden is very clean and calm. A good place to meditate and feel inner peace.

Well-maintained, clean, and serene Garden of Silence is a peaceful place surrounded by lush greenery, with a beautiful view of Shivalik mountains in the backdrop. It houses a massive Buddha Statue, which spreads positivity in the whole Garden and is making it a nice spot for meditation and yoga.

In the early morning many people come here to practice meditate and yoga for their good heath and to feel the vibe of fresh air.

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