Best Places you can visit in Morni

Morni, a village in Panchkula district, Haryana, situated in the heights of 4100 ft above sea, is a place of attraction among tourists from all over India. Morni Hills is famous for its heavenly beauty of Himalayan views, flora, and lakes. Every year thousands of tourists visit the Morni Hills with their friends or family. It is one of the favorite places among tourists who wish to spend their time in between the glorious hills and freshness of absolute greenery.


If you are visiting Morni Hills for the first time then you may need some suggestions and this will surely help. So here are some best places you can visit in Morni and thing you can do there.

Morni Hills:

From Chandigarh it takes almost 35 -40 minutes to reach Morni village and from there Morni Hills are 8-10 km ahead. From Morni village to Morni Hills, it has got a marvelous view of Himalayas, beautiful pine and teak trees, winding roads, houses covered with cloud, and lastly the pure atmosphere, may take you to an another world.


The sunrise and the sunset view on the mountains of Morni is the most mesmerizing. The tourists feel refreshed and energized from the morning vibes and sunset is like a gem eloping in the pool of darkness.

Tikkar Taal:

As the name shows it is a man-made Taal (Lake), made with purpose of attracting tourists and it does so. It is quite famous among tourists and comes under the top attraction of Morni Hills. The place contains Hotel rooms for stay, a restaurant, where a variety of food is available with reasonable prices and a ground for tourists to nature walk around the Taal.


In Tikkar Taal you can also do adventure sports like Paragliding, Parasailing, Cycle tours, Artificial Wall Climbing, River Cruising, etc. You can enjoy your time to the fullest with your family and friends. It can also be preferred as a Honeymoon destination.

Adventure Park:

In the tracks of Tikkar Taal let us visit the adventure park, an adjoined part of Taal, named as “Hosh & Josh, Hills n Thrills, Adventure Park which is surrounded by trees, is a place full of outdoor adventures basically for kids but adults can also enjoy them. It has paid entry for visitors.


The park offers fun rides for kids, a maze, camel ride, a monster house a tree house, rope obstacles such as the spider’s web, river crossing, Tarzan’s swing, the Burma Bridge etc. The lush green environment and beautiful flowers will make you feel attached to the atmosphere.

Morni Nature Trail:

While doing sports do not forget about the nature and let’s go for a walk on Nature Trail. This Nature Trail was established for the purpose of increasing the value of Ayurvedic medicine made from medicinal plants and trees, among the people. While walking on the trail you may see many boards which point towards the views of plants and trees to people.


They have also described treatment of many diseases with medicinal plants and their fruits. It also has a flora where various kind of flower plants which works as panacea for many diseases.

Morni Fort:

Finally, After all of the sporting and medicinal knowledge, it’s time to know about ancient Morni from the Morni Fort, a Museum and learning center buy twitch followers free. This 18th century Fort was turned into a wildlife nature Museum by Local government which has attracted many tourists till now.


It has a lot of figures of wildlife, wall murals, domes, caves, and 3D artwork. They also have the photographs related to environmental protection, and those of animals and birds which are on a verge of extinction. It is a good place to visit with your kids and family.

All in all, Morni is a good choice to spend your weekends with your friends, family or alone. It’s a place where you can enjoy to your fullest along with learn about Mother Nature and its values.

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