Beauty of Sukhna lake after Rain

Beauty of Sukhna lake after Rain

Rain, who doesn’t love it? Especially for couples, it is a season to express their love and feelings to their loved ones. They enjoy being with their loved ones during the rainy season the most. Being with them and traveling with them makes them complete. Traveling to a place where they could spend their quality time with each other, enjoy the rain, cloudy atmosphere, and the cooling air which will make them close to each other. And nowadays, one of the favorite spots of their rendezvous is Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh, from where the beautiful and majestic Shivalik Range Mountains can be seen clearly. Beauty of Sukhna lake after Rain is very mesmerizing. 

Mesmerizing View of the Lake

Sukhna Lake is quite famous amongst the youth of Chandigarh. Not only Chandigarh even peoples from nearby places like Mohali, Kharar, Panchkula, Zirakpur, and many others, like to visit Sukhna lake on various occasions. They usually like to spend their free time at this place with their friends or their loved ones. Not only the youth but the elders also like to visit Sukhna Lake for the morning walk to feel the cool breeze. 

People like to visit this place even in the Rainfall because of its beautiful view of Mountains and Lake. Mountains have always been a source of awe and beauty, and sometimes we don’t even have the words to describe how much we admire them. The beauty of the Sukhna Lake after rain can’t be compared to anything in this world. Just a look at the wonderful scene of Shivalik hills captures our heart.

Lake After Rain

After Rain, people like to visit there because the view of Sukhna Lake becomes more mesmerizing to watch. Amid the cloudy sky, the clear look of Shivalik Hills from Sukhna Lake is a feast to one’s eyes. Apart from that the greenery of plants, trees, and blossoming of flowers, a clear path to walk, and the mild earthy scent is literally a cherry on the top. The cold breeze makes them forget their sorrow and they lose themselves in the freshness of the air.

At Sukhna Lake, after rain, elders like to take a walk and youngsters like to do cycling across the path of the Lake. People also love to do boating with their friends or families. They also enjoy riding in the Shikara Boat which takes them to the closest area of the Shivalik Range, from where they can admire the beauty of the Mountains more closely. Some people like to sit beside the lake’s edge or under the shed of huts, it gives them joy. While sitting on the edge they appreciate the view of Shivalik Hills covered with the clouds on the top and capture that moment for life.

Backside View

At the Backside of Sukhna Lake, the view of the Garden of silence is so mesmerizing that people can’t take their eyes off it. The idol of Buddha gets so captive after rain that it increases the beauty of the Garden ten times. In the upper area of the Garden, there is a different section of the Lake where are various colors of Lotus leaves. In that, beautiful Lotus flower blossoms after rain. This place is also known as the Lotus Valley and is well-known amongst the people of Chandigarh.


If you haven’t visited there on Rainy days yet, then you must go there once. And if you have, then share with us how your experience at Sukhna Lake was?

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